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Our core strength

Our team has 15 years of production experience and is capable of mold development, mold making and production. Nowadays, the connectors and terminals of major brands in the world are in serious shortage. Our products can be equivalent to major brands, and the price is reduced by more than half. We can replace the brands:STOCKO,JST,MOLEX,KET,TE/AMP,YEONHO

Free sample service

Many customers worry about the quality of our products, so we can provide free samples for customers to test. The samples and finished products are the same.

Certification Services

We have rohs, reach, and many other international certifications

Good inventory and warehouse management

We have a large inventory of stocks to ensure timely supply of products to customers, and there are many types of products


Multi-choice express

We can receive a variety of different ways of shipping channels, sea, air and land transportation

We can provide door-to-door delivery service to customers, or go to warehouses or ports known to customers

Responsible after-sales service

We not only follow customers in the sales process, including after delivery, we will also carry out responsible after-sales service to solve problems and reply to customers in a timely manner