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Yueqing Kexun Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company with more than ten years of production of electronic components. This company is located in the second industrial zone of Danxi Town, Yueqing City. It mainly produces electrical connectors and terminals for household appliances, lamps, and automobiles. At the same time, our company produces cable ties, waterproof plugs, switches and other products. Our thermoplastic package Nylon (P A 6 6), P B T, P C, P V C, A B S.



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Energy saving design principle of rocker switch
Rocker switch is a hardware product of household circuit switch. Rocker switches are used in water dispensers, treadmills, computer speakers, elect...
Introduction of rocker switch related knowledge and related matters needing attention
Rocker switch, also known as some knowledge points of rocker switch, such as what is the principle of rocker switch, how to wire rocker switch, wha...
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